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For 57 days now, House and Senate Democrats, under Democrat Mike Madigan’s thumb, have held our public schools and our children’s educational futures hostage!


Because Democrats want to take money out of our classrooms to bail out the fiscally mismanaged Chicago Public School System!

Even though school funding legislation was passed on May 31st, Madigan’s Democrats have refused to send the bill to Governor Bruce Rauner because they know he will “strip” the Chicago bailout from the legislation. As a result, Madigan’s Democrats are holding our children’s educational future and our public schools hostage in exchange for our taxpayers paying the “ransom” of higher property taxes to bailout Chicago’s mess!

For more details, please the following from The News-Gazette:

Attached to consumer goods are tags that read “Made in ….”

If the impending showdown over school-funding legislation carried a tag, it would read “Made in Springfield.”

… That’s because Democrats have been holding the legislation in the Senate since May 31. After passing legislation, the General Assembly normally sends the bill to the governor’s office for further action.

…So when Governor Bruce Rauner urges legislative Democrats to let the bill go and they ignore him, he’s the one acting to protect parents and schoolchildren from delays in school openings. Why should they be collateral damage to a political brouhaha?

That’s why Governor Rauner called the special legislative session that began Wednesday.

… To highlight their intransigence, Democrats lambasted the idea of any kind of legislative gathering. House Speaker Michael Madigan accused Governor Rauner of engaging in theatrics. Madigan’s puppet, Democrat Senate President John Cullerton, professed not to understand the governor’s action and said they should have a meeting to discuss it. In addition, he claimed to be worried about Governor Rauner’s mental state!

… Democrats in the House and Senate, who have the overwhelming majority of vote in both chambers, want to force Governor Rauner to accept the Chicago-friendly funding provisions — $400 million-plus in benefits — as the price of getting the rewrite of the state’s school funding formula that he supports. They figure if they can waste sufficient time to threaten the opening of K-12 schools, either Governor Rauner, or enough Republican Legislators, will cave on the issue.

… So if a special session is what’s needed to redirect legislators’ attention and break the logjam, that’s not a stunt. It’s a tactic, just as the Democrats’ decision to hold S.B. 1 is a tactic.

… Governor Rauner wants the bill now so he can use his amendatory veto power to excise the Chicago-friendly provisions.

… Governor Rauner is hoping his planned action will be sustained in the Legislature, most particularly the House, where Speaker Madigan lost his super-majority in the last election. Madigan will be looking for four Republicans he can “buy off” to be able to overturn Governor Rauner’s amendatory veto — the same tactic he used to pass his version of the state budget/tax hike plan over the governor’s veto.

So it’s essentially a highly distasteful game of chicken the Democrats are playing by putting the opening of the school year in jeopardy!