Petition Downloads

To help support all of our Republican candidates, we are providing downloadable petition’s for any candidate who sends them to Chairman Mark Shaw.

Blank Precinct Committeemen Petitions and Informational Packet

Governor Bruce Rauner & Lt. Governor Sanguinetti
Governor Bruce Rauner & Lt. Governor Sanguinetti Petition Instructions 

Governor Candidate William J. Kelly & Lt. Governor Candidate Brian Leggero

Governor Candidate Jeanne Ives & Lt. Governor Candidate Rich Morthland

Attorney General Candidate Erika Harold
Attorney General Candidate Erika Harold Instructions 

Treasurer Candidate Jim Dodge

Comptroller Candidate Darlene Senger

Secretary of State Candidate JC Griffin
Secretary of State Candidate JC Griffin Instructions 

Secretary of State Candidate Jason Helland

Congressman Peter Roskam
Congressman Peter Roskam Petition Instructions 

Congressman Randy Hultgren
Congressman Randy Hultgren Petition Instructions 

Congressional Candidate Doug Bennett

Congressional Candidate Jeremy Wynes
Contact Kyle Haevers – 224.715.1395 or with questions.

Congressional Candidate Aloys Rutagwibira

Congressional Candidate Sapan Shah

State Senator Dan McConchie
State Senator Dan McConchie Petition Instructions

State Senate Candidate Barrett Davie

State Senate Candidate John Reinert

State Senate Candidate Craig Wilcox

State Senate Candidate Soojae Lee

State Rep. Sheri Jesiel

State Rep. David McSweeney
State Rep. David McSweeney Petition Instructions

State Rep. Nick Sauer
State Rep. Nick Sauer Instructions

State Rep Candidate Karen Feldman 

State Rep. Candidate Bob Bednar

State Rep. Candidate Cindy Masover

State Rep. Candidate Denise Rotheimer

State Rep. Candidate Tom Weber

State Rep. Candidate Adam Solano

State Rep Candidate Marko Sukovic

State Rep Candidate Ken Idstein

Regional Superintendent of Schools Roycealee Wood 

Sheriff Mark Curran

County Treasurer David Stolman

Lake County Clerk Carla Wyckoff

County Board Member Sidney H. Mathias

County Board Member Judy Martini

County Board Member Jeff Werfel

County Board Member Chuck Bartels

County Board Member Ann Maine 

County Board Member Craig Taylor

County Board Member Michael Danforth

County Board Candidate Dick Barr

County Board Candidate Jeri Atleson

County Board Candidate Linda Starkey

County Board Candidate Eleanor Sweet McDonnell

19th Judicial Circuit Christen L. Bishop

19th Judicial Circuit Christopher R. Stride

19th Judicial Candidate Joseph Salvi