From Lake County Central Committee Chairman Mark Shaw

The Lake County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) will be actively working with Township Chairmen, Precinct Committeemen and candidates to provide support for local organizing efforts in preparation for the upcoming elections. It is our hope that the LCRCC will remain in a permanent leadership role in the structural, “grass-roots” organizing efforts that need to be established in Lake County in order for Republican candidates to be successful and their policies implemented.

We need your active participation to help keep Republican candidates involved in the many activities throughout Lake County. Please send us notification of any Republican Party or candidate events being held in your Lake County Township, City or Town, and we will post them to our website and Facebook page. Additionally, please send us photographs of your most recently held events and we will post them to our Facebook page.


Mark L. Shaw

Chairman, Lake County Republican Central Committee

Committeeman, Illinois Republican State Central Committee (10th District)

President, Republican County Chairman’s Association of Illinois

Vice Chairman, Illinois Republican Party

BREAKING NEWS!  "Write-In Candidates"

There are four important races where we will have Republican "write-in" candidates.  Please "write-in" and cast your ballots for the following Republicans:

Terry O'Brien - REGIONAL SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS (This race is on all Lake County voters' ballots)

Gene Meltser - IL SENATE DISTRICT 29 (This race is on Lake County voters' ballots on the North Shore of Lake County)

Mike Clark - IL HOUSE DISTRICT 58 (This race is on Lake County voters' ballots on the North Shore of Lake County)

Catherine Sbarra - COUNTY BOARD DISTRICT 18 (This race is on Lake County voters' ballots in portions of Deer Park, Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, Lake Zurich and Vernon Hills)

In other news. . .

Lake County Republican Party Releases Primary Endorsements

WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS ­— The Lake County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) met on Saturday, April 30, 2022,  to determine endorsements for candidates running in the June 28, 2022 primary election.

“I’d like to thank the candidates and grass root supporters that spent this past Saturday interviewing the numerous quality candidates who appeared in Lake County to persuade us of their qualifications to represent our party as candidates to defeat the Democrat nominees on November 8, 2022,” said Mark Shaw to the party members gathered yesterday.  “Your dedication and tireless work, and that of the candidates here today, are very encouraging to me as your Chairman.  As a recapitulation of yesterday's votes, the endorsement results in the ten contested races were as follows:

1. Governor/Lt. Governor: Jesse Sullivan/Kathleen Murphy (68%);

2. Attorney General: David Shestokas (60%);

3. Secretary of State: Dan Brady (84.6%);

4. U.S. Senator: Kathy Salvi (92.3%);

5. U.S. House (CD-5): Maggie McGonigal (100%);

6. U.S. House (CD-11): Mark Carroll (60%);

7. Sheriff: Mark Vice (92%);

8. County Board Member (CBD-1): Linda Pedersen (100%);

9. County Board Member (CBD-2): Adam Schlick (100%); and
10. Supreme Court: Dan Shanes (100%)."
In addition, the Lake County GOP unanimously endorsed an additional 37 Republican candidates running in 37 uncontested GOP primary races.



Mark L. Shaw, Chairman
Lake County Republican Party
(847) 609-3482

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